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Heli Puhakka - Someone Else's Destiny [EP] CDR

Homemade CDR copy of this great EP release!

1. Someone Else's Destiny 04:55
2. Everywhere 04:34
3. Fading From My Heart 05:12

First release from solo Australian artist Heli Puhakka on Tongue & Groove Records WA (U.S.). Someone Else's Destiny [EP] is drenching of doomy and psychedelic goodness. Released March 23, 2016

Recorded at the Boroughs Studio. Brisbane, Australia.

Heli Puhakka - Vocals, Guitar
Skritch Trembles - Drums, Bass
Joc Kalinna - Bass, Guitar, Keyboard

Jam the album here:

And read about it here:

All lyrics and music by Heli Puhakka, all rights reserved.

022 - Someone Else's Destiny [EP] is a product of Tongue & Groove Records WA


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