Tongue & Groove Records WA

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T&G009 - Insomnia Cafe - S/T (Tape & CDR)
T&G010 - Elephant Colored Rocks 1 EP
T&G012 - Civilanimal - Uncivilized
T&G013 - Jared Estes - Leper Messiah
T&G014 - Paranormal Bouquet - Prints Are All Honest
T&G015 - Hilrant - Retrospectre
T&G016 - Insomnia Cafe - Vol. 2: Karen Johnson
T&G017 - The Modern Folk - Leather Jacket/Surround Me
T&G018 - Dao De Noize - KarmaKali
T&G019 - Jared/Hilrant - Obscure To Reality
T&G020 - TillyRiddle [EP]
T&G021 - Jared "Doc" Estes - Ten Little Ditties
T&G023 - Dao De Noize/Paranormal Bouquet SPLIT
T&G024 - Jared/Hilrant - Stuck In Conclusion
T&G025 - Paranormal Bouquet - Self-Portrait
T&G028 - Jared Estes - At Mill Creek Motel